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The Hermitage’s next 10 years
Saddam’s secret hoard of Jewish manuscripts
New York design sales, collectors show the trends ahead
World Bank’s $160 million loan to St Petersburg
Christie’s denies wrongdoing in Nazi loot claim
Roman athlete under-performs but demand is strong
British Museum buys Iraq “most wanted” cards
Concorde flies in the salesrooms
EU shelve changes to hallmarks
Class action specialists return

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Interesting notes, comments and thoughts
Artists thoughts

Brad Michael Moore, From the Crib, 1953

An artist's work, most sincere, is created upon all the knowledge accumulated in a life's worth of time, and reflects the benefits of relating to a unique collection of memories. An artist's memories are so tied to the core of their art, and, for whatever other reasons they have to create - the essence of their memories will certainly fingerprint their work and effect it's clarity.
Who can say, exactly, how or why our earliest childhood memories may be carried along with us. So many inevitably fall to the wayside of time, or the lack of exercising contemplation. Others remain as consequences of vivid, traumatic events that brew up the chemistry of our recollections consciously, and sometimes subconsciously. Primary ingredients of reminiscences must be emotions - especially those wrapped around the warmth of a parent's loving embrace, or debilitating neglect... Such brandishing likely marks deeply upon our cultivating persona, declared invariably thru the summoning of hidden and recallable memories.

Sue Spaid, Japan (Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo)

If you plan to visit western Japan, I recommend staying in Kyoto, even if your itinerary takes you to Osaka daily, as mine did. Steeped in serenity and the scent of Golden Star trees, Kyoto’s charming scenery truly relaxes after a day of swift sight-seeing. There’s nothing more invigorating than an evening stroll along Kyoto’s rushing Kamo River or through its narrow, moon-lit alleys. Those who stay within walking distance of a Keihan Railway station or near one of the many Kyoto buses that stop at its stations can take direct trains to several Osaka stops. If you purchase a four-day Japan Rail pass, trips begin and end at Kyoto Central Station, itself an architectural wonder. Either way, visit the main station for Tourist Information (9th floor) and the ATM (located in a store across the street in the Kyoto Tower’s basement).

John Nolan, The taxman might be the Irish artists friend - but......

The year was 1969 - Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, New York, was the location for Woodstock Music and Art Festival - Samuel Beckett was awarded the Nobel prize for literature - Neil Armstrong, the first man to leave a lunar module , was walking on the moon - " That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". Meanwhile in Ireland, to be more precise, in the Irish Government, a young Finance Minister was attempting a giant leap that would dramatically change the tax status for Irish artists. The Finance Minister was Charles J Haughey 1966 - 1970

Brad Michael Moore, Art and Mythology

Art, at its very core, reveals a standard of physical, spiritual, and emotional parameters we all share in as part of the human experience. History plays out a cycle of trials and tribulations common to living today - many ways the same as 100, or 30,000 years ago. Our needs, dreams, and desires, repeat themselves wherever human life has, does, or shall exist. From the cave paintings of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc to the 'more contemporary' chronicles of Homer, or from our present-day studies of different cultures and their myths and legends, or in modern creative expressions - the struggles we discover are comparable throughout all of humanity's recorded history. There are so many themes centered on survival, or the yearning for approval and acknowledgment from loved ones, peers, and eternal makers… There is the division of uncertainties over our impermanence, and a varied inquisitiveness over a 'hereafter concept' ranging into many assortments of manner. From crude beginnings, we have come to look towards the cosmos, where, there is an assurance that however minute we feel, balanced to the whole of our universe, we each are still a component to the puzzle of this grand existence.

Pygoya, Mouse Mightier than Brush

Digital art visualizes abstract science. The working e-artist always knows there is a precise mathematical base concealed within the patterns of chromatic pixels of light. Yet, instead of highlighting the math behind the art, most digital artists select to merely apply the power of the medium to express their own subjective view and feeling of life. The digital image "works" if it induces an emotional or harmonic resonance within the artist who orchestrates the composition.

Monique Veyt, Art reveals what lives within!

It is fascinating to see how people, when they are the creators, show themselves in art and in artistic expressions. Already since a while I use it in my ‘The-Art-of-Living’ workshops.

‘The-Art-of-Living’ is about how to create a life that is fulfilling, about how we create the reality of our life and about how we can change that reality into the better. I handle a simple concept and I know how to pass it on to people.

Walter King, Final Thoughts of Mountains, Lions and Rivers

Essentially my trip was over and it was just a matter of driving back through the panhandle of Oklahoma back to Columbus. The first stop was a return to Santa Fe where Michelle talked me into staying one extra day so we could climb another trail. We were up above the Pecos River climbing Round Mountain. At about 7000 ft we began to find large Mountain Lion scat along the trail. We’d just been watching the news coverage of the mountain lion who killed a guy and mauled a female hiker in California. I’d heard about it in Tucson but hadn’t caught any of the gruesome details until I hit Santa Fe.