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The following information is subject to condition no.10 of the Buyers Conditions.


Refusal of admission.
The antiques reserve the right to refuse admission to the Viewing and or Valuation, and to refuse bids prior to or at the Valuation. These rights are exercisable at our complete discretion.


Registration at Viewing.
Every prospective buyer must complete and sign a bidders registration form and provide identification before making a bid at valuation, prospective buyers should also (or on request "agree to") provide us with a letter of credit from their bank covering the value of prospective purchases, This is in order to facilitate you in the payment for and subsequent release of your purchases post sale.


Condition Reports
The condition of any lot stated in the catalogue is intended as a guide only. The absence of any such reference does not imply that a lot is in good condition or free from faults or imperfections. The antiques will be pleased to provide a condition report for any lot on request. Nevertheless, intending buyers are reminded that all lots are sold as viewed and are subject to the normal conditions of business.


Absentee Bids
If instructed, we will be pleased to execute bids and advise intending buyers. This service is free. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as allowed by such other bids and reserves as are on our books. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. Always indicate a "top limit" -the amount to which you would bid if you were attending the valuation yourself. "Buy" or unlimited bids will not be accepted. Bids are accepted only at the senders risk. To ensure a satisfactory service to bidders, we urge you most strongly to send bids at least 24 hours before the sale. We cannot accept responsibility for bids left after this time although we will try to accommodate. Bids will only be accepted on the official form provided at back of the catalogue. When sending bids by fax or phone, bidders must send proof of identification and suitable bank references for lots in excess of €1000.


Telephone Bidding
Inquiries regarding this service should be addressed to our office before 5.00 p.m. on the day prior to the sale. There is a limit to the number of telephone lines available allocated on a "first come first served" basis, therefore early booking is advised. To secure a telephone line the antiques request that proof of identity be faxed or given to us. The antiques further request that on lots with a value in excess of €1,000, bank references be provided to cover the estimated value of the lots bidders intend to bid on.


Insurance Cover
From the fall of the hammer, buyers are responsible for the goods purchased (see Buyers Conditions no.3). Goods in transit insurance is available from removals companies for items removed by them for delivery or shipping. Alternatively, buyers are advised to organise their own insurance on items purchased as required.


Payment and Collection of Purchases
Buyers are reminded that all lots must be collected or removed within two daysof the sale, at 6.30 p.m.unless special arrangements have been approved by the antiques prior to the sale the following methods of payment will facilitate the immediate release of purchases:
a) Cash - Euro
b) Irish Travelers Cheques
c) Irish Bankers Draft drawn on main Irish banks
d) Credit Cards: Access, Visa and Master Card. An additional charge will be made to cover the cost of the transaction.
e) Irish Cheque drawn on an Irish bank. N .B. : Will only be accepted with a letter of guarantee from your bankers covering the payment.
t) Wire transfer to Permanant TSB, The Parade, Kilkenny.(Account Details available on request. Under no circumstances will it be possible to release your purchases until payment has been made in full and cleared by our bank, which must be within the appointed time of two days post-sale unless prior arrangements are agreed with Loughlin Bowe.


Lots purchased and paid for in full may be collected by the purchaser or their appointed shipper from the venue on the day of sale and for one day following the sale from 12.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Lots not collected within this frame will incur removals, storage, insurance, handling charges, etc. payable by the purchaser.


Deliveries and Shipping
A representative will be available on the sale day to give advice and receive instructions from clients for the local packing and forwarding of purchases. This is an independent service.
For a list of recommended international couriers and shippers contact our office.


The export of any lot from Ireland or import into any other country may be subject to one or more export or import licenses being granted. It is the buyer's responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import license. The denial of any such license required or delay in obtaining such license cannot justify the cancellation of the sale or delay in making payment of the total amount due.


Buyers are reminded that there is a 17.5% (plus 21% V.A.T. thereon) buyers commission payable on the final bid price for each lot. The antiques are always pleased to advise clients and to execute bids on their behalf, but if successful, the purchase price payable will be the final bid price plus the premium of 17.5% (plus 21% VAT) buyers commission chargeable thereon.
Bids must always be made or confirmed in writing or by fax, reference being made to each sale through the date of the sale on the catalogue. To ensure that bids will be accepted and that delivery of lots is not delayed, intending buyers should supply bank or other suitable references to the antiques together with proof of identity. The references should be supplied in good time to be taken up before the sale.

*Payment for all lots purchased to be made in Euros.

Glossary of terms
Any statement as to the authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition is a statement of opinion and is not to be taken as a statement of fact. Please read carefully the conditions of business, in particular Conditions of Sale no.4 and 9 and Buyers Conditions no.1.

1. Giovanni Bellini: In our opinion a work by the artist. When the artist's forename/s is not known, a series of asterisks, followed by the surname of the artist, whether preceded by an initial or not, indicates that in our opinion the work is by the artist named.
2. Attributed to Giovanni Bellini: In our opinion probably a work by the artist but less certainty as to authorship is expressed than in the preceding category.
3. Studio of Giovanni Bellini: In our opinion a work by an unknown hand in the studio of the artist which mayor may not have been executed under the artists direction.
4. Circle of Giovanni Bellini: In our' opinion a work by an as yet unidentified but distinct hand, closely associated with the named artist but not necessarily his pupil.
5. Manner of ........; follower of Giovanni Bellini: in our opinion a work by a painter working in the artists style, contemporary or nearly contemporary, but not necessarily his pupil.
6. Style of Giovanni Bellini: In our opinion a work in the style of the artist and of a later date.
7. After Giovanni Bellini: in our opinion a copy of a known work of the artist.
8. The term signed and/ or dated and/ or inscribed means that in our opinion the signature and/ or date and/ or inscription are from the hand of the artist.
9. The term bears a signature and/ or date and/ or inscription means that in our opinion the signature and/ or date and/ or inscription have been added by another hand.
10. Dimensions are given height before width.
11. Estimates are given in Euros.


R.H.A Royal Hibernian Academy
R.D.S Royal Dublin Society
N.C.A National College of Art Dublin
R.I.A Royal Irish Academy
R.S.M.A Royal Society of Marine Artists
B.W.S British Watercolour Society
R.B.A Royal Society of British Artists
R.C.A Royal College of Art
O.W.S Old Watercolour Society England
N.P.G National Portrait Gallery London
N.S.A New Society of Artists England
R.S.A Royal Scottish Academy
A. Associate Member
O.O.C Oils on Canvas
O.O.B Oils on Board
O.P.C Oils on Processed Canvas
GOU. Gouache
As Is. With all damages, faults, restorations, alterations, etc.
R.U.A Royal Ulster Academy of Arts
W.C.S.I Watercolour Society of Ireland
N.G.I National Gallery Ireland
R.I Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours
R.O.I Royal Institute of Oil Painters
R.A Royal Academy London
R.B.S Royal Society of British Sculptors
R.E Royal Society of Painters-Etchers & Engravers
N.G National Gallery London
R.C.A Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
N.W.S New Watercolour Society England
H. Honorary Member
O.O.P Oils on Panel
O.M.P Oil on Metal Panel
W/C Watercolour
W.A.F. With all Faults


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