Advice to Bidders


Order bids
If instructed we will execute bids and advise intending Purchasers. The service is free. Lots will always be bought as cheaply as is allowed by other bids and reserves. Order bids, when placed by telephone, are accepted only at the sender's risk, and must be confirmed by letter, telex or fax.

Using the bidding slip
Please use the bidding slips provided and check Lot number and descriptions. Always quote the code name and number of the Sale Catalogue. Please bid as ear It as possible. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. 'Buy' bids are not accepted. The limit you leave should be the amount to which you would bid if you were to attend the Sale. Each bidding slip should contain bids for one sale only.

Successful bids
Should you be a successful bidder you will be contacted by our office post sale, advising you of your purchases and the total payment required. It is your responsibility to organize payment and collection of your purchases within the allotted time frame.

Telephone bids Bids
When placed by telephone, are accepted only at the sender's risk, and should be confirmed by letter, telex or fax.

Postal and telephone bidders on furniture and large objects
All bidders are advised to check on the afternoon of the sale whether they have been successful.
Successful buyers of large objects are earnestly requested to arrange early collection of their goods. Please see the Sale Information on this site or at the front of the catalogue for details.

Shipping information
We would like to point out that shipment by airfreight and sea freight can be expensive and we would suggest that a quotation is requested. Contact our office for a list of shippers with whom you can make your arrangements.

Please check bid
Prior to submitting your bidding form, please check it carefully. As the auctioneers can not be responsible if you provide incorrect information and your bid will be subject to the conditions of sale and cannot be rescinded.